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Piranha Racewerks Return Fuel System Kit
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Piranha Racewerks Return Fuel System Kit

Piranha Racewerks complete return fuel system

  • $624.99

The Piranha Racewerks is the most robust and cheapest in price compared to our competitors options, we offer everything you need to complete a return fuel system on your 2008-2016 2.0T, the kit can be modified by you to work with 3.8 non-GDI engines. You can select options to include or exclude the fuel feed line, include or exclude a fuel pressure gauge, and finally we can include or not include the AEM E85 flex fuel sensor (AEM 30-2201) that you can wire directly into a Haltech or other standalone tuner to select different fuel setings based on the fuel coming into the sensor.

Kit comes with the following if selected in options above (you must select to receive specific parts below)

Aeromotive A1000-6 Pressure regulator in red top silver bottom

Piranha Racewerks Fuel feed line and fittings

Piranha Racewerks Fuel Rail return fitting

Piranha Racewerks Intank FPR regulator delete

Customized Fuel pump assembly (core deposit or ship in your complete unit) see red notes below*,**

Fuel rail to Regulator hose and -6AN fittings

Regulator to fuel pump assembly hose and -6AN fittings

*if you select core and pay the $150.00 deposit you will receieve your core deposit back if you send in your complete unit within 15 days of getting your complete kit in the mail from us.

**We can only accept fuel assemblies from 2008-2012 2.0T (part number on top of assembly 31110-2M500) all other assemblies cannot be turned in as a core return or for us to use to build your kit.

Options Explained:

Fuel Pump Assembly Deposit
You pay us a deposit in case you don't return your fuel pump assembly to us or your pump assembly is not from a 2008-2012 with part #31110-2M500

Fuel Pressure Gauge
include or not include the Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge that connects to the underhood Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.

Fuel pump
include a Walbro 450LPH which can handle E85, racing Flex-fuels and race fuel

Fuel Feed Line Outlet AN Fitting
Select if you want a 90-degree fitting on the hose outlet which is the default to go from the factory hardline to the fuel rail.

All Setups include (unless you select no fuel feed line option)

Normal setup no E85/Flex Fuel Sensor being used (No Sensor option)

E85 Sensor

E85/Flex-fuel setup (Fuel lines + Fittings for E85 Sensor Haltech/AEM sensor not included)

  • Two Piranha Racewerks Fuel Feed Line Hoses (Flex-fuel sensor inlet line 1-straight, 1-90 degree, Flex-fuel sensor outlet line 90 on each end all -6AN fittings)
  • Two -6AN Male to 3/8" SAE Quick-Disconnect Female Push-On Adapter

E85/Flex-fuel sensor Setup (same as above but included AEM Flex-fuel sensor)


Return lines
Includes end of fuel rail fitting
Fuel rail to underhood Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator hose with AN fittings assembled (1-straight, 1-180 degree)
Aeromotive A1000 (13109) fuel pressure regulator. (if selected in options)
Hose from underhood Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator to the top of the fuel pump assembly with AN fittings assembled (1-straight,1-90 degree)

Build Pump Assembly
We will build the entire pump assembly with all clamps, install fuel pump selected, install bulkhead for the fuel return line, also the in-tank fuel pressure regulator delete(part made by us) is installed, please see photo for what the white pump assembly looks like after we are done with the assembly, this process takes us around 3 hours per assembly and is not easily done by the average customer as special bits are required to get a factory-like assembly. If you select not to have us build the assembly (-$200) we will only include the parts needed for you to assemble the kit, we will not machine any of the factory fuel pump assembly parts or install the bulkhead, you will be responsible for building your complete kit with no instructions from us. You understand and accept this responsibility and agree to not publically blame us for any and all issues related to the improper building of your kit by you.

    • Weight
      10 lbs
    • SKU
  • Fuel Pump Assembly Deposit
    Core Deposit, Send my Unit In, Not applicable (buying lines only)
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Include, not included
  • Fuel Pump
    Add Walbro 450LPH, Use factory 280LPH
  • Fuel Feed Line outlet AN Fitting
    Straight, 90 Degree, Remove Fuel Feed Line from kit
  • E85 Sensor
    No Sensor, AEM 30-2201 + fuel lines + fittings, Fuel lines + Fittings for E85 Sensor Haltech/AEM
  • Return Lines
    Include, Exclude
  • Build Pump Assembly
    Built by us (fully assembled), No pump assembly
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Aeromotive A1000 (13109), No Regulator